(Feature Film)

FEATURE FILM Impuratus Impuratus is a new independent horror film from Thundersmoke Films and Screengage with an award winning script by Michael Yurinko. A police detective is summoned to a remote hospital to witness a mysterious Civil War veteran's outrageous death-bed confession that forces him to accept the supernatural. View the proposed Cast List for...

Dante’s Paradise
(TV Drama Series)

TV DRAMA SERIES Dante's Paradise Dante’s Paradise is a TV series currently awaiting interest and funding. A renowned but troubled forensic psychiatrist must vanquish a brilliant young serial killer in a high-stakes battle of wits; not realizing the killer is his son who has a penchant for mind games and ultimate revenge. Written by Jonathan...

In the Bag
(Web Series)

WEB SERIES In the Bag Two friends move into their new pad and see a felon on the run from the police hiding a bag in their back yard. That night they investigate and find that the bag is full of cash. One of the dudes wants to keep the money; the other is concerned...

The Rebel Son

MINI SERIES The Rebel Son When Jake Fallon, a discharged Vietnam draftee, suggests a hunting trip with best friend Brian, to politically unstable Rhodesia, his Philadelphia Main Line family objects. But as with everything in Jake’s life, he ultimately does exactly what he wants to do, the wishes of those who love him be damned....

Land of the Little People (Animated Feature)

ANIMATED FEATURE FILM Land of the Little People Come join Kevin and Sandy as they explore the magical, tiny world of the Land of the Little People! Alongside King Sheamus and his army of little soldiers, follow the kids as they combat giant rats and the nasty Higgety Pigget in a whirlwind adventure that celebrates...